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Meet Amazing Americans 冒险家与探险家 路易斯克拉克 (Lewis and Clark)
Black and white painting of Sacagawea standing on a hilltop

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路易斯和克拉克遇见休休尼人 (Shoshone)

1805817日,其他的队员终于出现了。莎卡嘉薇亚及部队的另一个人是最先见到路易斯及休休尼人的人。莎卡嘉薇亚认出此地区是她的家乡,并发现此一群休休尼人是她的族人,事实上,酋长 Cameahwait竟然是她的兄弟。每一人都在欢庆这一个幸运的巧合,他们甚至将会合地命名为幸运营地 (Camp Fortunate) 。现在,路易斯和克拉克能够带着休休尼人的马继续他们的旅程了。

Finally, on August 17, 1805, the rest of the Corps arrived. Sacagawea and another member of the Corps were the first to see Lewis and the Shoshone. Sacagawea recognized the area as her home and now she recognized this band of Shoshone as her people. In fact, Chief Cameahwait was her brother! Everyone celebrated this lucky coincidence. They even named the meeting place Camp Fortunate. Now Lewis and Clark could continue their expedition with Shoshone horses.

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