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Meet Amazing Americans 冒险家与探险家 路易斯克拉克 (Lewis and Clark)
Black and white headshot of a Native American man
休休尼族印地安人(Shoshone Indians)又名蛇国(Snake Nation)

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路易斯和克拉克遇见休休尼人 (Shoshone)



Although the Shoshone welcomed Lewis, they were suspicious. They had recently been raided by another tribe. When Lewis asked them to travel to meet the rest of his expedition party, the Shoshone worried that Lewis might be leading them into a trap. Eventually Lewis convinced them. But when they got to the meeting place, Clark and the others had not yet arrived. So they waited.

The Shoshone were nervous. They didn't want to be ambushed. Lewis was nervous. He had to get horses or the Corps wouldn't be able to finish the expedition. If Clark and the others didn't show up soon, the Shoshone would leave and take their horses with them.

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