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Meet Amazing Americans 冒险家与探险家 埃尔哈特 (Amelia Earhart)
Amelia Earhart's palm print
手相人士聂莉席梦思麦耶 (Nellie Simmons Meier) 取得的爱蜜莉亚埃尔哈特手印

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她决定她的下一趟旅程将是环球飞行。19373月时,她跟她的同伴保罗芒兹 (Paul Mantz) 一起飞到夏威夷,准备开始这趟环球飞行。然而飞机起飞时却失控,因而只好将飞机送回工厂修理。

六月时,她来到迈阿密,准备再次挑战环球飞行,这一次她邀请佛莱得努南 (Fred Noonan) 当她的领航员。没有人知道她为什么不带重要的通讯设备及导航仪器。有人猜测或许是为了要让出空间来存放长途飞行要用的额外燃料。即使埃尔哈特又累又病,他们两人在短短的21天就到达了新几内亚 (New Guinea) 。在下一段旅程中,他们自新几内亚起飞,准备飞往一座座落在太平洋中间,名叫豪兰岛 (Howland Island) 的小岛。最后的一次通讯记录是193772日,埃尔哈特及努南与附近的海上防卫队通话。后来就再也没有听到他们的音讯了。您认为发生了什么事?

She decided that her next trip would be to fly around the world. In March 1937, she flew to Hawaii with fellow pilot Paul Mantz to begin this flight. Earhart lost control of the plane on takeoff, however, and the plane had to be sent to the factory for repairs.

In June, she went to Miami to again begin a flight around the world, this time with Fred Noonan as her navigator. No one knows why, but she left behind important communication and navigation instruments. Perhaps it was to make room for additional fuel for the long flight. The pair made it to New Guinea in 21 days, even though Earhart was tired and ill. During the next leg of the trip, they departed New Guinea for Howland Island, a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. July 2, 1937, was the last time Earhart and Noonan communicated with a nearby Coast Guard ship. They were never heard from again. What do you think happened?

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