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Meet Amazing Americans 运动员与表演者 胡迪尼 (Harry Houdini)
Houdini and Jennie, the elephant, performing at the Hippodrome, New York, 1918.

纽约市竞技场戏院 (Hippodrome theater) ,1918

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有些魔术师会从帽中变出一只兔子或让一只鸟消失在空气中。但对胡迪尼来说,这些都太简单了。他决定要使用一头大象!1918年时,在纽约市竞技场戏院内的明亮舞台上,胡迪尼让一头重达10,000磅 ,名叫珍妮的大象消失。这个表演就叫做「消失的大象」。当胡迪尼对空鸣枪后,珍妮就消失在大家的眼前。胡迪尼再一次造成轰动。这一个不可思议的戏法让胡迪尼成为世界知名的幻觉大师。

Some magicians might make a rabbit jump out of a hat or a bird disappear into thin air, but that was too easy for Houdini. He had to work with an elephant! In 1918, in the middle of the brightly lit stage of the Hippodrome theater in New York City, Houdini made a 10,000-pound elephant named Jennie disappear. The act was called "The Vanishing Elephant," and when Houdini fired a pistol, Jennie vanished from view. Houdini had created a sensation. This incredible trick helped make Houdini a world-famous master of illusion.
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