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Meet Amazing Americans 运动员与表演者 胡迪尼 (Harry Houdini)
Houdini and the water torture cell, 1913.

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胡迪尼必须想出比巨大牛奶罐脱逃更具戏剧性的演出来当做下一个表演节目,而他办到了!他自1913年开始表演名为「倒立着进入酷刑单人牢房」的新戏法 。在这个戏法中,胡迪尼的脚踝被固定在支架上,人被上下倒置的放入水中而且锁在一个观众看得到地方。他再一次的自这个姿势及地点中脱困并逃离水牢。另一个脱逃表演叫做「水里丧礼」 。胡迪尼自称这个表演为「我试过的把戏中最伟大的功绩」。您曾看过魔术秀吗?看看胡迪尼的下一个把戏吧!

For his next escape, Houdini had to come up with something even more dramatic than the Giant Milk Can escape, and he did. His new trick, which he began to perform in 1913, was known as the Upside Down Water Torture Cell. In this trick, Houdini's ankles were secured in a brace and he was put under water, upside down and locked in place in full view of the audience. From this position he freed himself and escaped from the water cell. Another escape was called the underwater burial. Houdini called this "the greatest feat I have ever attempted." Have you ever seen a magic show? Check out Houdini's next trick!
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