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Meet Amazing Americans 运动员与表演者 胡迪尼 (Harry Houdini)
Harry Houdini performs the great milk can escape, 1908.

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年时,胡迪尼决定不再进行常规的魔术表演,而决心专注在脱逃演出,从此展开了他的脱逃生涯 。他创造了几次戏剧性的脱逃表演。1908年时,身在圣路易市的胡迪尼自一罐装满水的巨大牛奶瓶中逃脱出来 。这变成一项非常受欢迎的戏法,因而他带着这个戏法巡回美国、英国及德国各地演出。什么样的脱逃戏法能胜过这一个牛奶罐脱逃呢?

In 1899, when Houdini decided to stop doing traditional magic and instead concentrate on escapes, his career took off. He created several dramatic escapes. In 1908, in St. Louis, Houdini introduced his escape from a giant milk can filled with water. It became a very popular trick and he took it on tour throughout the U.S., England, and Germany. What kind of escape could top this?
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