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Meet Amazing Americans 社会运动家与改革家 塔布曼 (Harriet Tubman)
Nursemaid with her charge, ca. 1855.

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生于马里兰州多尔切斯特郡 (Dorchester County) 的海丽特塔布曼出生时的姓名为亚诺米塔萝丝 (Araminta Ross) ,她的父母海丽特及本杰明总共生了11个小孩,而他们本身也是奴隶。身为小孩时,萝丝即「受雇」成为照顾小婴儿的育婴女佣,就像是相片中的育婴女佣。萝丝必须整夜保持清醒,以确保婴儿不会啼哭,而吵醒妈妈。假如萝丝不慎睡着了,婴儿的妈妈会鞭笞她。萝丝从小时候就已经决定要获取自由。您能想像身为奴隶的萝丝还必须面临那些难堪?

Harriet Tubman's name at birth was Araminta Ross. She was one of 11 children of Harriet and Benjamin Ross born into slavery in Dorchester County, Maryland. As a child, Ross was "hired out" by her master as a nursemaid for a small baby, much like the nursemaid in the picture. Ross had to stay awake all night so that the baby wouldn't cry and wake the mother. If Ross fell asleep, the baby's mother whipped her. From a very young age, Ross was determined to gain her freedom. Can you imagine what other kinds of embarrassment Ross suffered as a slave?

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