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Meet Amazing Americans 社会运动家与改革家 塔布曼 (Harriet Tubman)
Go down, Moses; Let my people go!. Negro spirituals. 1917
「让我的人民离开」(Let my people go!) 中「去吧,摩西」(Go Down Moses) 的歌谱  

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假如有人在奔向自由的旅途中改变心意并想要回头时,塔布曼会拿出一把枪并说道:「自由或带着奴隶的身份死去。」因为塔布曼知道只要有任何人回去,她及其他的逃亡奴隶就必须面对被人发现、抓回去或甚至死亡的风险。她也因为带领奴隶逃向自由一事而被称为「奴隶的摩西。」许多梦想自由的奴隶们会高唱圣歌「去吧,摩西。」奴隶们希望出现一位像摩西带领以色列子民 (Israelites) 脱离奴隶生涯的救星,而这位救星能带领他们脱离奴隶生涯。

If anyone ever wanted to change his or her mind during the journey to freedom and return, Tubman pulled out a gun and said, "You'll be free or die a slave!" Tubman knew that if anyone turned back, it would put her and the other escaping slaves in danger of discovery, capture or even death. She became so well known for leading slaves to freedom that Tubman became known as the "Moses of Her People." Many slaves dreaming of freedom sang the spiritual "Go Down Moses." Slaves hoped a savior would deliver them from slavery just as Moses had delivered the Israelites from slavery.

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