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Meet Amazing Americans 社会运动家与改革家 斯坦顿 (Elizabeth Cady Stanton)
Harriot Stanton Blatch speaking to large crowd of men, Wall Street, New York City.

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188211月,哈里奥特斯坦顿嫁给了一位名为威廉亨利布拉奇 (William H. Blatch) 的英国商人,他们住在英国达20年之久。当他们于1902年回到美国后,她添加了「妇女贸易工会联盟」 (Women's Trade Union League) 及全国妇女选举权协会,并于1907年成立了「妇女自助平等联盟」 (Equality League of Self-Supporting Women) ;在这张相片内,站在华尔街中央、正在向周遭群众发表演说的女士即为哈里奥特布拉奇,演说内容为妇女也应拥有跟男人一样的权利;1917年时,她终于完成她妈妈毕生想要达到的目标:投下了她的第一票。

In November 1882, Harriot Stanton married an English businessman by the name of William H. Blatch. They lived in England for 20 years. When they returned to the U.S. in 1902, she became involved in the Women's Trade Union League and the National American Woman Suffrage Association. And in 1907, she founded the Equality League of Self-Supporting Women. In this photo, you can see Harriot Blatch in the middle of Wall Street, speaking to the crowds about giving women the same rights as men. In 1917, she was able to vote--something her mother fought for her entire life.

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