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Meet Amazing Americans 社会运动家与改革家 斯坦顿 (Elizabeth Cady Stanton)  
Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her daughter, Harriot, 1856.

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伊丽莎白凯迪与废奴主义者亨利布鲁斯特斯坦顿 (Henry Brewster Stanton) 结婚并生下了七个小孩。在她的有生之年,斯坦顿亲眼看到她的女儿哈里奥特 (生于1856年) 做到了她做不到的事:上大学念书。哈里奥特于1878年,自瓦瑟学院 (Vassar College) 毕业,她帮助她妈妈及安东尼完成了他们的「妇女投票权史」 (History of Woman Suffrage) 。哈里奥特斯坦顿为促进女权运动还做了那些事呢?

Elizabeth Cady was married to Henry Brewster Stanton, an activist in the anti-slavery cause, and they had seven children. Within her lifetime, Elizabeth Cady Stanton saw her daughter Harriot, born in 1856, do what she could not--attend college. Harriot graduated from Vassar College in 1878. She helped her mother and Susan B. Anthony complete their History of Woman Suffrage. How else did Harriot Stanton promote the woman's rights movement?

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