Welcome To Chinamerica Hit Radio! This is the place to hear your favorite Chinese Pop songs every hour of every day absolutely free. All song titles have been translated into English and we use the artist's preferred English name.

欢迎你到中美流行电台Chinamerica Hit Radio! 所有的歌曲的曲目都被翻译成了英文,用歌手的英文名字,请告诉你所有的朋友来我们这里赏歌

Great Mandarin, Cantonese, and K-Pop party music. Call your friends, crank up the speakers and party with us every Saturday night.

我们有国语,广东话,还有K-Pop 聚会的歌。告诉你的朋友,打开你的音响,让我们每个周六晚随着音乐来狂欢!