Giving Compliments 赞美

Friends often compliment one another on clothes, especially if the clothes are new.

1.A: What a beautiful sweater!
B: Do you think it looks good on me?
A: Yes, and it goes beautifully with your pants.
B: You won't believe it, but it was really cheap.
A: I wish I could find one just like it.

2.A: I like your new coat.
B: Do you think it fits OK?
A: Yes. It looks terrific!
B: I bought it at half price.
A: You were lucky to find it.

3.A: That's a very nice jacket.
B: Does it really look OK?
A: Yes, and I like the color too. It matches your hat.
B: And I got it on sale.
A: That's incredible!

4.A: I love that shirt.
B: Do you really like it?
A: Yes, it fits perfectly.
B: It wasn't very expensive either.
A: That's amazing! It sure looks expensive.