69. A barter economy is one that does not possess _______.

  A. any wealth B. printed currency

  C. a medium of exchange D. gold

  70. Which of the following is not true of airway bill? ______.

  A. When goods are delivered to the airline, the airway bill is signed by them or their agents as a receipt of the goods

  B. Airway bill is a document of title to the goods

  C. Airway bill may also provide evidence of despatch of the goods where it has been stamped indicating details of the relevant flight

  D. None of the above

  71. The value of money varies _____.

  A. directly with the unemployment rate

  B. directly with the price level

  C. inversely with the unemployment

  D. inversely with the price level

  72. The economics news on the television reports that the dollar has strengthened relative to the Japanese yen. This means that ______.

  A. the dollar has depreciated relative to the yen

  B. the dollar can now purchase more yen

  C. the yen can now purchase more dollars

  D. the US trade balance with the Japanese economy has improved

  73. The theory of international exchange that holds that exchange rates are set so that the price of similar goods in different countries is the same is the ______.

  A. price feedback theory

  B. trade feedback theory

  C. purchasing power parity theory

  D. J-curve theory

  74. According to the optimal portfolio theory, where should portfolios lie? ______.

  A. On the efficient frontier

  B. Above the efficient frontier

  C. Under the efficient frontier

  D. Anywhere, as long as the portfolio is diversified

  75. Which of the following is not a user of management accounting information? ______.

  A. Store manager

  B. Creditor

  C. CEO

  D. CFO

  76. Based on the scenarios below, what is the expected return for a portfolio with the following return profile? ______.

Market Condition

 bear Normal Bull  
Probability 02 0.3 05 
Rate of return —25% 10% 24%