Banks were developed to keep people's money safe and to make it available when they needed it. Since money was invented, people have been borrowing and lending it.
  开办银行是为了稳妥地保管人们的钱财,使他们在需要时能随时提取。自从货币出现以来,人们一直在进行货币的借贷活动。  A modern bank accepts people's money for safe-keeping. It also lends money and offers many other services. The experience of a businessman will show some of these. James Jones has a furniture store and buys his goods from different parts of the country. It isn't convenient for him to send money through the mail, so he goes to the bank and opens a checking account. He puts his money in the bank regularly, and the bank keeps it until he writes checks for that amount. When Mr. Jones orders furniture from the Modern Furniture Company in another city, he simply writes a check. This check is as good as money to the owner of the company. The owner can take it to his bank and cash it, that is, he can get money for it.
  Now and then Mr. Jones deposits money in a savings account at the bank. The bank then uses this money and pays him a certain percentage on each dollar every year. For example, if he deposits $ 1000 and the bank pays him 4 percent, he will have earned $ 40 by the end of the year. This payment is called interest.
  Mr. Jones can usually borrow from the bank if he needs money. He can arrange for a bank loan at the loan department. If the bank lends him money, he must pay interest for its use. Sometimes, instead of putting his money in a savings account, Mr. Jones wants to invest it in some business firm, and he may ask the investment department of his bank for advice.
  Mr. Jones gets still other services from the bank. When he travels, he buys traveler's checks from the bank instead of carrying money with him. And he can rent a safe-deposit box in the bank for his valuable papers and articles.
  It's hard to imagine that people could do business without the services of a bank.