Payroll services offered by banks have come a long way from when a bank would deliver thousands of RMB by armored van with 2 or more armed security officers to protect the payroll. While this method is still available to companies if they choose, it is not as efficient as the other methods available today, like direct deposit. Payrolls are not only simpler, they are also less expensive to the bank in terms of security and cash handling it also reduces the likelihood of robbery. 
  自告别银行配备两个或更多全副武装的保安人员协同运钞车押送数以万计的人民币来发放工资的年代以来,银行代发工资的业务已走过漫长的一段路程。 然而这种方法至今还有效地存在于公司业务中,如果他们选择的话,但它没有今天所采用的其他方法那样效率高,如直接存取。由银行发放工资不仅简单,而且降低了安全和现金处理方面的费用,也降低了发生抢劫事件的可能性。