Safe deposit box is a kind of service rendered by the bank that keeps valuables for the renter in the form of renting safe deposit box. A renter aged 18 or above may apply for renting a safe deposit box against his or her valid credentials (for a unit renter, with the seal of the unit and signet of its legal representative affixed), filling in the Application for Renting Safe Deposit Box, and voluntarily signing a Box Renting Contract with the bank.
   保管箱租赁业务是银行接受客户的委托,以出租保管箱的形式代客户保管贵重物品的一项服务业务。 租借人,18岁(含)以上,可凭有效身份证件(租借单位,附加盖单位印鉴和法人代表章的证明)填写租借保管箱申请书,与银行签订《保管箱租借合同》后,即可租用保管箱。