Savings offices' agency collection and agency withholdingAny depositor can pay public utilities expenses and other expenses due at any networked savings office of ICBC by cash or demand deposit book for nationwide deposit or withdrawal, Peony Money Link card, Peony quasi credit card.
  储蓄网点代收代扣费,储户可在工商银行属下的电脑联网储蓄网点凭现金或通存通兑活期存折、牡丹灵通卡、牡丹信用卡、缴交公共事业费和其它应交费用。 Agency disbursement by transferAny depositor can entrust ICBC to disburse expenses by transfer from his/her demand account for nationwide deposit or withdrawal or Peony Money Link card or quasi credit card if only signing an agreement with the charging units. The agency disbursement by transfer is an efficient, safe and expedient mode, and it is not necessary for the depositor to periodically go to the charging units or banks to disburse expenses but simply deposit adequate money into his/her demand account or Peony quasi credit card before the disbursement date, and if needing to know whether the expenses have been disbursed, he/she can go to the nearest ICBC savings office to print the deposit book, or inquire it through ICBC telephone banking.
  Disbursement by POSICBC set up POS machines at Post Offices, Taxation Offices, hotels, marketplaces and other places, and any client can realize real-time disbursement and payment by ICBC Peony Money Link card or Peony quasi credit card if needing to pay telecom expenses, taxes, and other public utilities expenses or pay for shopping at hotels or marketplaces.