51. Call xxx to consider

52. Worry about / dispute over

53. Known to orbit

54. Know as the solar wind

55. Elect to retire rather than face

56. His courage is not unlike that of sb

57. He is likely to be at server disadvantage s

58. The rising cost

59. The rising of moon

60. There is no consensus on

61. Are in danger of doing

62. Consider a b

63. Think of a as b

64. More than a million others , more than doubled

65. Take turn drawing

66. She cite x as instance of Y

67. The term “design” Suggest laying out corporate brochures, suggest that…

68. Some suggest reducing price to do

69. Suggest the penitentiary as reform

70. Propose that

71. Persuade sb to do

72. In contrast to

73. In contrast with …

74. Contrary to …

75. Unable to ( no potential at all, people only not refer to sth. Can not be used as: be able to be done); can not ( not now, but might could in future )