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compose  (vt.) 组成

decompose  (vi.) 被分解


All animals are mostly composed of water.

After an animal dies, it decomposes and feeds the plants.


I don't want to be at odds with my neighbors.


  名词odds很难找到直接对应的中文含义,大概相当于“可能的机会”“成败的可能性”之类的含义。这个句子里“be at odds with sb.”是个固定的表达,意思是,与某人意见不一致、有争执。英文对这个表达的解释就是,be in disagreement,be in conflict。
The artist and the self-critic . . . are, with a few felicitous exceptions, forever at odds.
He's always at odds with his father over politics.
Bush is at odds with Davis over California energy crisis.



A1: Uh-huh...I see your gas cap is on the passenger's side, but the hose can't reach over that far.
Elain: Well, well, make it reach!
A1: I'm sorry, but you'll have to drive to another pump.
Elain: But I'll lose my spot! And look at that line over there! Can I cut in front? I was here first.
A1: It's out of my control. Remember, I'm only a "gas pumper."
Elain: Oh, I should've gotten gas yesterday. I'm going to be late again.


伊 莲:那,那么,就让它弄得过去啊!
伊 莲:但这样我的位子就没了!你看那排的队伍!我可以插到前面吗?我比他们早到。
伊 莲:喔,我昨天就该加油的。我又要迟到了。


1、 passenger (n.) 乘客
2、 hose (n.) 软管,此处指连结加油枪和加油机的管子
3、 It's out of my control 这不在我能操控的范围。


6.Don’t spend time with someone who doesn't care spending it with you.(英译汉)


1. I believe only half of what he said.
2. I don't want to make a fuss over such a trifle.
3. Glass products are fragile and must be handled with great care.

Glasses may never be stacked one in another,as breakage and chipping results from this handling.
4. The interest of the individual is bound up with that of the community.
Be bound up with vt. 与...密切相关(和...息息相关)
5. Everyone at the office has been under the gun since this new manager arrived.
处于巨大压力之下: under the gun/ under pressure (摘选自中国日报网)
6. It's not being in love that makes me happy. It's being in love with YOU that makes me happy. (英译汉)





A tangle of white pond lilies sits in the front of a canoe in a Maine pond. Pond lily roots are used in traditional medicines to treat a range of disorders, including skin wounds and inflammation, both internal and external.



In The Womb 子宫日记 2

Each month a woman's ovaries release one egg that contains her own genetic code. She made these eggs while she was still a fetus herself, nestled inside her own mother's womb. And they've been kept in storage ever since, through childhood, adolescence and adulthood, ready to burst into life.

How the sperm find their way to the egg is something of a mystery. Recent research indicates that sperm have a sense of smell and can sniff their way to the egg. The journey is so long and arduous for the sperm that only a handful survive. It may take up to ten hours before the actual moment of conception. The first sperm to reach the egg are the strongest and fittest, and the first to burrow its head through the egg surface will be the winner. There are no prizes for coming in second. The instant one sperm enters the egg, it triggers a change in the egg's membrane, making it impenetrable to all other sperm, which all die off within a week.

Once within the egg wall, the sperm's nucleus is drawn toward the egg's. The two cells gradually and gracefully become one. This is the moment of conception, when an individual's unique set of DNA is created- a human signature that never existed before and will never be repeated. The genetic code is stored in these bundles called chromosomes, 23 from the mother and 23 from the father. Each chromosome is made of a tightly-coiled strand of DNA. This molecule, shaped like a double helix, carries our genetic code. Each microscopic chromosome contains over six feet of DNA. A pattern of chemical codes creates this twisting ribbon of DNA and holds the key to our uniqueness- our genes.

It takes between 20,000 and 25,000 genes to make a human, roughly the same number as a chicken. All of us have a complete set from each of our parents, deep in the nucleus of every cell in our bodies. Our genes are a set of instructions that tell us to become a human rather than a fish or a tree, as well as deciding exactly what kind of person we will be. Each gene or combination of genes is responsible for a specific trait- whether our baby girl will have her mother's hair and strands or her father's eye color and long fingers.

Some genes will be dominant, others completely hidden, making each one of us physically and genetically unique. Our parents make an equal contribution to most of our genetic makeup. But the sex of the child is determined solely by the father. The 23rd pair of chromosomes has the specific job of determining sex. The sex chromosome that comes from the mother is always the same, type X. But the chromosome that comes from the father could be one of two types, X for a girl, or Y, a much smaller chromosome, for a boy.

An X sperm won the fertilization race for these parents and they are going to have a girl. The genes she's inherited have already predetermined her looks and much of her character- whether she is stubborn, intelligent, a thrill seeker or good at music, and even her vulnerability to certain diseases like cancers, schizophrenia or diabetes. The exact course of her life will depend on such things as her friends, family and environment; but at the instant of fertilization, much of her future is predetermined.

words and phrases:

burrow : To move or progress by or as if by digging or tunneling




《Director》是来自芝加哥的R&B男歌手阿万特(Avant)的第四张个人专辑,专辑发行首周的销量为12万3千张,排在本周Billboard 200专辑榜的第四位,是Avant迄今为止打榜取得的最好成绩。同时,《Director》还在本周的R&B/Hip-Hop专辑榜中成功夺冠,成为Avant首张R&B/Hip-Hop榜的冠军专辑。在此之前,Avant成绩最好的专辑是2002的《Ecstasy》,名列Billboard 200专辑榜第六和R&B/Hip-Hop专辑榜第二,首周销量为12万2千张。

在这张专辑的制作团队当中,不仅包括Avant的老搭档Steve Huff,而另一位知名制作人Jermaine Dupri则是首次与Avant合作,为本张专辑担任制作人和混音师。而圈中好友Lil Wayne和Lloyd Banks也都在本张专辑中献唱,两人分别在《You Know What》与《Exclusive》中与Avant对唱。另外,本张专辑中还收录了一首Avant与当红R&B组合“性感小野猫”(Pussycat Dolls)合作的《Stickwitu》,也是专辑中较为旋律较为出色的单曲之一。Avant的嗓音不像有些R&B歌手那么有冲击力,但可能令他一直立于不败之地就是他这种难得的亲切感。


Hold Hold up Hold up
Slow down slow down
Listen give me 10 minutes...
Well gimme 5 minutes.....aight
b-before you leave I just need these last 4 minutes..

Verse 1:
Pardon me if I'm talking fast and stumbling all over my words
I heard you were leavin' town I thought I'd be the one to know first
If you have a minute let me talk to you and see what's going on
Don't say it's nothing when it's gota be something that's gone wrong
Now let me explain but I don't know what to say cause I don't know what the hell happened
I come in the house to try to work it out and all you're doing
is packing
Close your suitcase let me think straight
Damn what could be the reason?
Baby talk me I'm almost outta time

I only got 4 minutes to do what I gotta do to prove to you that I'm gonna do anything
Only got 4 minutes say what I gotta say to make you stay and show you that I done change
Cause in 4 minutes I'll never have my girl again
In 4 minutes Imma lose her to some other man
4 no less no more
I'm jus praying cause the clocks ticking
Only got 4 minutes to go

Verse 2:
Who are these people I don't know in my house and they scratching my floors
Takin furniture outside and the U-Haul pull up to my door
What's the reason that I get this feelin that you can't keep it real with me
Is it cause of the prime relationships I had off in the streets?
Never mind that this is your conscience speaking and you need to get your girl back
You gotta find a way to try to get to her heart
I'm takin' suggestions I've learned my lesson
Think conscience you're my last lifeline
I'm down to my last second

I only got 4 minutes to do what I gotta do to prove to you that I'm gonna do anything
I only got 4 minutes say what I gotta say to make you stay and show you that I done change (I'm a changed man)
Cause in 4 minutes I'll never have my girl again
In 4 minutes Imma lose her to some other man (I'll be all alone)
4 no less no more
I'm jus prayin cause the clocks ticking
Only got 4 minutes to go

(I've done) I've done things in my past
I thought this love would last
But I can't let you go baby
You're my everything lady
The reason I smile and the reason I talk baby
The reason I breathe, the only one for me, yea
You can't go through with this
If you left me my life wouldn't exist
Cause I'm still in love with you
And that's my word I don't give a damn what you heard
Oh, baby I'll be true

I only got 4 minutes [echo]
And I'm running out of time
I only got 4 minutes [echo]
I only got 4 minutes

4 minutes I'll never have my girl again (I'll never have)
In 4 minutes (oh no) Imma lose her to some other man (Imma lose her)
4 (oo ho) no less no more (And I just can't take it I don't want it happen I won't let it happen)
Cause the clocks ticking
Only got 4 minutes to go (oh no)

Only got 4 minutes to tell you everything I love about you
4 minutes to say I need you, I can't live without you
I'm out of time gotta say what's on my mind
Just to keep you in my life
Aw, damn I'm outta time