Dialogues /monologues:
1、You can tell they lived during the Depression.
此句意思应该是: 你可以断定他们生活在那时的大萧条期。
2、He really knows how to bring a person out.
"bring a person out." 是“鼓励一个人的”的意思。
PS:to bring sb. out:
意思为:to make someone feel more comfident, happy, and friendly / 使某人更加自信、开朗
3、he looks like his fun to be with.
4、 since we're going to recruit some staff so that we can get our new school going in time。
这里的since, 和so that 是基于...原因的意思.根据意思我将其译成: 届时...将...以便...
5、Would you address character description for the commercial and industrial arts staff ?
arts staff 怎么翻译?
arts跟前面的commercial and indutrial连在一起看,而非与后面的staff:
(the commercial and industrial arts) staff.
6、There are a number of other positions to consider.
"A number of" 换成 "a lot of" 或者是”a great many”行不行,为什么?
==>可以换成a lot of或a great many of,因为position是可数名词。如果这里是不可数名词,则只能用
a number of代替而不能用a great many.
修饰可数/不可数都行:a number of/a lot of,
只能修饰可数:a great many of(与many性质一样)
7、Would you mind letting me take a look in your briefcase?
将"letting me"换成 "let me" 行不行,为什么?
8、I'm afraid I certainly do mind , if it's all the same to you. |
“Do mind”与” all the same”什么意思?
==>do mind: 在英语中强调动词,用助动词do(各种时态)+动词原形。|
==>all the same: 完全一样,用于强调。如:
Although you didn't complete it in time, I appreciate you all the same.
9、One day the life free from the harsh decrees of state-sponsored racial repression. (种族压迫)
在这句话中,state-sponsored 翻译成什么意思最好?
==>state-sponsored:国家发起的。用于修饰racial repression(种族压迫),是复合形容词,复合形容词的相结合。
10、The state in which she was born had laws in place waiting to characterize her as unwelcome.
11、 Present was the usual mix that had so often accumulated into a burden too heavy for a single-parent household like the one Oprah Winfrey grew up in.
整句话的意思是:目前,这种平常的税收会不断地压迫在单亲家庭的身上,就象Winfrey 这样的例子.
12、One day the life free from the harsh decrees of state-sponsored racial repression.