Phrases and Sentence:
1 、 She soon called my attention to the fact that she couldn't work full time and keep house, too.
call attention to( 唤起注意 )
keep house( 当家 )

2 、 I guess I just took it for granted that a wife was supposed to take care of her kids and husband.
take it for granted :(视为当然)
be supposed to :(应该、被期望)

3 、 You've got to get to know them.
have got to do :(必须做 …… )
get to :(在这里作 “ 开始 ” 的意思)

4 、 But maybe I'd better take that back and give her a hand.
take bake :(在这里作 “ 取消 ” 的意思)
give Sb. A hand (抽出空或腾出手帮助某人)

5 、 They put me in mood for Italian food.
put in mind :(使记起、提醒)

6 、 I've put aside some money that I earned by doing some extra mechanical work.
put aside :(储存、备用)

7 、 I was putting a machine together today.
put together :(把 …… 加起来、装配)

8 、 I am putting forth a lot of effect to make this tablecloth.
put forth :(生出、作出)

9 、 Do you want me to put my needlework away?
put away :(在这里作 “ 放弃、处理掉 ” 的意思)
请注意上面 5 个以 “ put ” 打头的短语与词组的用法

10 、 I was going by the store near your house ..
go by :(顺便走访)
11 、 Your black purse and shoes go nicely with that dress.

go with :(伴随、与 …… 相配)

12 、 He always goes beyond my expectations.
go beyond :(超出)

13 、 The kids can't go along with you.

go along with :(一起去、附和)

14 、 Your offer goes to prove that you're a wonderful mother-in-law.

offer :(在这里作为 “ 提意 ” 的意思)
go to :(愿意为定位、转到的意思,在这里引申为?)

15 、 You know I get sick every single time the temperature goes below 68 °.
go below :(下降)
请注意上面 5 个以 “ go ” 打头的短语与词组的用法

16 、 I could really go for a good comedy.
go for :(在这里作为 “ 主张 ” 的意思)

17 、 we can barely make ends meet.
ends meet :指收支平衡

18 、 Every thing I say goes in one ear and out the other.
goes in one ear and out the other. : ( 一个耳朵进,一个耳朵出。指听不进去的意思 )

19 、 I've been keeping track of all of our phone bills.
keep track of :(明了、一目了然的意思)

20 、 I'll have to call them and have them straighten it out.
straighten out :(改正、更正)