The Unite States supplies a larger share of the international trade than any other nation in the world. The transactions of trade between countries are often kept in American dollars, and payments are frequently made in American currency as well. Many American banks have established branches in important commercial centers overseas to handle the business that results from world trade. Similarly, many foreign banks also have branches in the United States .
The United States has many trading partners; one that has become increasingly important in recent years is China . The city of Shanghai in eastern China is one of the world's great seaports and has also become active in both manufacturing and finance in the world. Many American banks have set up offices there. John William is the manager of one of these branch banks in Shanghai .
John majored in accounting and business administration in Harvard. After graduation he got a job with a large New York bank. After two years in accounting, he was transferred to the loan involved international transactions. Some of them were so complicated that John felt he didn't have a broad enough background to understand them. To get more experience, he asked for a transfer to the bank's international department. He became so expert in international finance that he made it his career.
When the bank decided to open a branch in Shanghai , John was selected to set it up and run it for the first few years. He has been in Shanghai for more than three years now. He has a comfortable apartment in a high-rise building in the business center of the city. The bank provides him with a car and driver as well as the apartment.
Mandarin is the most common language of Shanghai , but John has learned only a few courtesy expressions. He has little need to speak Chinese, however, because all of the employees of the bank are fluent in English. His chief assistant, Miss Wang, went to graduate school in the States, so her English is excellent.
John has enjoyed being in Shanghai , but he may not be there much longer. Now that the bank is operating efficiently, he might be transferred back to New York in a few months. But he hopes to be back to china soon after for he loves it living there.

Translation Reference:
美国有很多商业合作伙伴,近几年来日益重要的一个合作伙伴便是中国。位于中国东部的上海是世界上重要的港口城市之一,在世界制造业和金融业领域都非常活跃。许多美国银行都在那里设立了办事处。约翰 . 威廉就是其设在上海的一个分行经理。