Dialogues /monologues:
1、 TUC :( Trades Union Congress )——英国劳工联合会。

2、 This should remind Britain 's employers just how much they depend on the good-will and voluntary extra work of their staff, the TUC says.
just : 起强调语气的作用 -- (是否)可以翻译成 ” 正是 ” ,
全句是:这会提醒英国的雇主们自己是怎样依赖于怀着善意且自愿加班工作的员工。 英国劳工联合会说到。

3、 And if it makes people and employers think a bit harder about organizing a better work-life balance, so much the better.
organizing : 在这里我将它翻译成营造。

4、 It is often said that more business is done during social events than at the office.
is done 这里是被动语态。 生意当然是被做的咯。

5、 One person out of eight in labor force is said to be employed by a government unit on the state or local level. is that the case?
全句是:据说,八分之一的劳动力被政府部们或地方国有企业录用。 是那么回事吗?