Dialogues /monologues:
1、 About a block down from here.
2、 I went to the conference to register and to set up my exhibition stand.
3、 I set out our brochures ready for the official opening.
4、 Coal could be moved from Welsh mining villages right into the heart of London .
5、 Britain 's rail network is still second to none.
6、 That doesn't necessarily follow .
7、 There will be taxies to cross down, but it will naturally be more economical to use bicycles and buses or to work.

      Washington , D.C. serves as the seat of government for the United States of American. Over the 200 years, Washington , D.C. has grown with the nation, and it now represents the very best of America . From its majestic monuments to its incomparable museums, from the Mall to the steps of the Capital, Washington offers visitors one-of-a-kind attractions. 
      The majestic capital building stands at the center of the city, allowing unobstructed views of the city's most famous attractions. The immense open space of the Mall is marked off by the various museums of the Smithsonian Institution, the largest cluster of museums in the world. The national Air and Space Museum celebrates the nation's achievements in flight and space exploration, from the Wright brother's first biplane to the Apollo moon mission and beyond. Visitors also line up for the Natural History Museum to learn about the sciences and to view the famous Hope Diamond. The Smithsonian Institution also includes the world-famous galleries. Art lovers should also appreciate the nearby National Portrait Gallery and National Museum of American Art. 
      Looking past the Mall, the Washington Monument stands 505 feet above the city. It was the tallest man-made structure in America from its completion until the early 1900' s. Behind this monument are the reflecting pool and the trio of memorials dedicated to remembering President Lincoln and the wounded and killed of the Vietnam and Korean conflicts. New to the area of the tidal basin, and facing the Jefferson Memorial, a memorial to Franklin Roosevelt lies on the Potomac River which hosts millions of visitors each year. 
      The offices of the various government agencies take up most of the space of the city, and most offer free tours to the public. The White House also offers free tours to the public. Just outside of the city, the national zoo houses thousands of animals on 163 acres of park. Among its residents are two giant pandas given to the United States as gifts from the People's Republic of China . Across the river in Arlington , the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier stands amidst the dim, grave and majestic Arlington National Cemetery . 
      Washington has many other distractions from politics. Washington 's theatre life is thriving; it is second only to New York in number of theatre seats. The National Symphony and other musical companies play four schedules. As a temporary home to diplomats from around the world, Washington 's restaurant offerings are the finest and most diverse around.
The beauty and grandeur of the nation's capital continue to captivate millions of American and foreign tourists who visit Washington , D.C. each year.

Translate Reference: 
      华盛顿特区(又称华盛顿哥伦比亚特区)是美利坚合众国政府所在地。在过去的 200 多年中,华盛顿特区与美国一起成长,现在它是美国国家的象征。从宏伟的纪念牌到无与伦比的博物馆,从首都广场到国会大厦的台阶,它以自己的特征吸引着游客。
      首都广场过去,就是高 505 英尺的纪念碑。在二十世纪初以前,它曾是美国最高的人造建筑。纪念碑之后是映像池,和林肯纪念堂及为在越南及朝鲜战争中受伤和阵亡的将士建造的纪念碑。位于潮汐湖畔、与杰弗逊纪念堂正对的是新建的弗兰克林 . 罗斯福纪念堂,它座落在波托马克岸边,每年吸引数百万游客。 
      各种政府机关的办公用地占了城市大部分空间,多数政府机关都向公众提供免费参观时段,包括白宫在内。城外不远处的占地 163 英亩的国家动物园里容纳了数千种动物。其中有两只是中华人民共和国作为礼物赠送给美国的大熊猫。海对岸的阿灵顿,无名烈士墓坐落在昏暗、庄严肃穆的阿灵顿国家公墓里。