Dialogues /monologues:
1、 Right after lunch, the tour makes a stop at St. Paul 's. Then the rest of the afternoon is spent at the museum.
“ right” 在这里表示 “ 正好 ” 的意思。 makes a stop : 停留、休息 . 。
be at :从事于,做。
2、 A : Anyway, is there still room? B : Yes, there is. Will this be for yourself only?
“ Will this be for yourself only? ”的肯定形式是:
This will be for yourself only ,如果是一般现在时,就是: This is for you 。
Will this be for yourself only? —— “ 这是给你一个人的吗 ? ” ,就是这么简单的意思。
3、 When I started this company 20 years ago, we were commended, as a new kind of travel company, for putting travelers with flexible schedules in touch with fantastic bargains.
“ in touch with ”: 同……有联系 。
全句的意思:当我在 20 年前着手这家公司的时候,大伙受到了称赞。作为一个新型的旅游公司,用灵活的时间安排赋予旅客们极大的实惠。
4、 You'll also be able to get fast, free quotes online, including the very up-to-date specials, discounts and promotions.
5、 Building a tradition of the extended family all going away together is a great way to build long-lasting family bonds.

      Anyone lucky enough to be going to Honolulu doesn't have to give a reason for going. They can just say, “We're going to Honolulu ,” and imagination will take care of the rest. Moreover, Honolulu can probably live up to and even surpass whatever we imagine. World-famous beaches and tropical weather set the scene for an amazing mix of pacific cultures in this Hawaiian capital. There is a reason why Hawaii is consistently rated as one of the nation's top travel destinations; in fact, there are several of them. 
      Waikiki Beach is the center of activity for Hawaii 's biggest industry: tourism. This is one of the world's greatest resort playgrounds, featuring some of the most beautiful beaches and hotels in the world. Visitors from all over the world flock here to enjoy the sun, the sand and the incredible nightlife. 
      Besides the beaches, visitors to Honolulu can take tours of the countryside surrounding the downtown area. These tours are amazing, bringing visitors to some of the most beautiful rainforests and volcanoes in the world. Animal and plant life are abundant, and the scenery is unsurpassed. A five-minute car ride from Honolulu brings visitors into some of Nature's most beautiful and awe-inspiring sights. Several museums, including the Bishop Museum , combine exhibits on Hawaiian natural history with lessons about history and culture of its many diverse peoples. The Waikiki Aquarium is the third oldest public aquarium in the United States , and it features many of Hawaii 's most interesting sea animals. 
      The history of Hawaii is very rich, as the islands have always attracted many different people. Visitors can tour the Tolani Palace , the residence of the last of the Hawaiian monarchs. They can also visit Honolulu 's Chinatown , which is more authentic than many of its mainland counterparts. They can also visit the Arizona Memorial, commemorating the destruction of the battleship Arizona during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that brought America into World War II. 
      Honolulu exhibits the best of Hawaii in a thorough way. From its famous beaches to its incredible natural preserves, this town has attracted millions of people from around the world. Many of those visitors stayed, helping to make Hawaii one of the most diverse places to visit in the Unite States. Anyone lucky enough to be going to Hawaii knows that he won't be disappointed.

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