Dialogues /monologues:
1、 Hotel in London or in England specially, will ask for a credit card or a confirmation which will guarantee that your room is held, basically all night or for late arrival.
2、 This could be a precise place for you.
关于: precise 与 accurate 是否有区别?
accurate , correct , delicate , exact , precise 都含有一定的 " 正确 , 精确 " 之意
accurate 准确的,精确的,指某人或某事不仅不出错,而且与事实无出入,强调准确性
correct 正确的,指某人或某事合乎事实或公认的标准或规则,没有错误
delicate 精美、精细的、雅致的
exact 确切的、精确的 , 语气较 accurate 强 , 指某人或某事数量或质量完全符合事实或标准 , 而且在细致末节上也丝毫不差
precise 精密的 , 指具有高度的精确性和准确性 , 强调范围界限的鲜明性或细节的精密 , 有时略带 " 吹毛求疵 " 的贬义
3、 Art-house.
Art-house : 艺术电影院
指放映不属于商业主流电影的电影院。艺术电影院放映的影片,重视电影本身的品质,较不注重商业吸引力,如当代重要导演的影片、独立制片影片、影史的经典作品,及发行有限的前卫及实验电影。亦称 Art theater 。
4、 Your restaurant specializes in hamburgers and chicken, right?
specializes in :擅长于,专攻。
5、 As an unadvertised special, you can have a trip to the salad bar with your order for only a dollar more.
6、 Take my order out of this.
out of :作为“根据”的意思。全句是:根据我点的去做吧。
7、 No sooner do we start to look for a motel, when one appears.
No sooner :一旦 … 立即 … "when" = 就在那个时候。