51. committee

  He sat on the committee when he was 45. 他45岁时成为委员会委员。

  52. company

  I shall be glad of your company on the journey. 我将很高兴与你同行。

  53. comparison

  This one costs more but is cheaper by/in comparison. 这件东西价钱贵了点,但是比较起来还是便宜。

  54. competition

  At the Olympic Games our representatives were in competition with the best swimmers from all parts of the world. 在奥运会上,我们的代表会与世界各地的最佳游泳选手角逐。

  55. condition

  The condition of my health prevents me from working. 我的健康情况不容许我工作。

  56. connection

  What is the connection between the two ideas? 这两个想法之间有何关联?

  He set up in business and soon had a good connection. 他开业经商,很快就有了相当多的顾客。

  57. control

  The children are out of control. 孩子们不听管教。

  58. cook

  He is a good cook. 他是一个好厨师。

  59. copper

  1) 铜 2) 铜币 3) (俚语)警察

  60. copy

  If you can’t afford a new copy of the book, perhaps you can find a secondhand copy. 如果你买不起新书,你或许可以找到一本旧的。

  61. cork

  to draw/pull out the cork 拔开软木塞

  cork-screw 瓶塞钻

  62. copy

  63. cough

  He gave me a warning cough. 他以咳嗽警告我。

  64. country

  He decided to return to his country after graduation. 毕业后他决定回国。

  He spent the holiday in the country. 他在乡下度假。

  65. cover

  The child read the book from cover to cover. 那孩子将书从头读到尾。

  Does your policy provide adequate cover against fire? 你的保险单是否提供适当的火险?

  cover girl 封面女郎

  66. crack

  Don’t go skating today – there are dangerous cracks in the ice. 今天不要去滑冰,冰上有危险的裂缝。

  67. credit

  No credit is given at this shop. 这家商店概不赊帐。

  How much have I standing to my credit? 我的存款尚有多少?

  The bank refused further credits to the company. 银行拒绝再贷款给该公司。

  68. crime

  It is the business of the police to prevent and detect crime and of the law courts to punish crime. 防止和侦破犯罪是警察的职责,而惩罚犯罪是法庭的责任。

  It would be a crime to send the boy out on such a cold, wet night. 在这样寒冷的雨夜把孩子们遣出是不对的。

  69. crush

  There was a violent crush at the gate into the stadium. 在体育场的入口处人群拥挤不堪。

  70. cry

  Let her have her cry out. 让她哭个痛快吧。

  71. current

  A cold current of air came in when the door was opened. 门打开时进来了一股冷风。Nothing disturbs the peaceful current of her life. 在她平静的生活中,没有任何的骚扰。

  72. curve

  The driver of a car should not take curves at high speed. 汽车驾驶人不应在高速下转弯。

  73. damage

  The insurance company will pay for the damage to my car. 保险公司将赔偿我的汽车所受的损害。

  What’s the damage? (What’s the cost?)(口语)值多少钱?

  74. danger

  He has been very ill, but the doctors say that he is now out of danger. 他的病一直很严重,但医生们说他现已脱离险境。

  That man is a danger to society. 那个人对于社会是个危险人物。

  75. daughter

  He has a lovely daughter. 他有一个可爱的女儿。

  76. day

  We travelled day and night without stopping. 我们日夜不停的旅行。

  He’s eighty if he’s a day! 他至少八十岁了。

  She was a beauty in her day. 她年轻时是个美人。

  77. death

  His mother’s death was a great blow to him. 他母亲的去世对他是一大打击。

  78. debt

  It’s much easier to get into debt than to get out of debt. 欠债容易偿债难。

  79. decision

  Have they reached/come to/arrived at/taken/made a decision yet? 他们是否已有所决定了?

  80. degree

  He was not in the slightest degree interested. 他丝毫不感兴趣。

  81. design

  The building seats 2000 people, but is poor in design. 这个建筑有二千个座位,但设计很差。

  He has designs on that young girl. (口语)他想打那个年轻女郎的注意。

  82. desire

  He has no desire for wealth. 他对于财富无欲望。

  I hope you will get all your heart’s desires. 我希望你能得到你想要的。

  83. destruction

  Gambling was his destruction. 赌博是他毁灭的根源。

  84. detail

  Please give me all the details. 请让我知道所有的细节。

  85. development

  Which is more important, moral development or physical development? 道德培养和体格培养哪一样较重要?

  We must await further developments. 我们必须等待进一步的发展。

  86. digestion

  He can only eat the food that is easy of digestion. 他只能吃易于消化的食物。

  87. direction

  Tom went off in one direction and Harry in another direction. 汤姆朝着一个方向去,哈里朝另一个方向去。

  She feels the need of direction. 她感到需要有人指导她。

  88. discovery

  He made wonderful scientific discoveries. 他完成了惊人的科学发现。

  89. discussion

  The question is still under discussion. 这个问题仍在讨论中。

  90. disease

  The business of doctors is to prevent and cure disease. 医生的职责是预防和治疗疾病。

  91. disgust

  He turned away in disgust. 他厌恶地把脸转开。

  92. distance

  My house is within easy walking distance of the shops. 我家离商店很近,走几步就到了。

  93. distribution

  They could not agree about the distribution of the profits. 他们对于利润的分配意见不一。

  94. division

  A hedge forms the division between his land and mine. 一道树篱形成他的土地和我的土地之间的分界线。

  95. doubt

  I have no doubt of your ability. 我相信你的能力。

  96. drink

  What about a drink? 来杯酒如何?

  We have plenty of bottled drinks. 我们有很多的瓶装饮料。

  97. driving

  take driving lessons 上驾驶课

  driving licence 驾驶执照

  driving school 驾驶学校

  driving test 驾驶执照考试

  98. dust

  The dust was blowing in the streets. 街上尘土飞扬。

  99. earth

  Who do you think was the greatest man on earth? 你认为谁是世界上最伟大的人?

  100. edge

  Don’t put the glass on the edge of the table; it may get knocked off. 不要把杯子放在桌边上,它可能被碰掉。