foible n.缺点;弱点

同weakness, shortcoming, whimsy

Talking too much is one of Jack's foibles that I find a little annoying.


gasp v.喘气

同 pant, choken

Anna gasped for breath after she swam up from the bottom of the pool.


haphazard adj.偶然的;随便的

同 accidental, incidental, unplanned, unorganized

Ethan made a haphazard attempt to find his lost watch, but gave up after only a few minutes.


illicit adj.非法的

同illegal, illegitimate

The illicit sale of alcohol to minors is becoming a problem in our area.


incredulous adj.怀疑的

同 skeptical, doubtful, distrustful, suspicious, dubious

Melissa was incredulous that Sam would remember to pay this month's bills on time.


insatiable adj.贪婪的

同 greedy, voracious

Nothing seemed to satisfy Brian's insatiable appetite.


jubilant adj.喜悦的

同 overjoyed, rejoicing, enraptured, elated

We were jubilant at the news that Carla had been accepted at the university.


languid adj.无精神的

同 weak, weary, sluggish, inert, lethargic, drooping

The incredible summer heat and humidity made us all feel languid.


lust n.欲望

同 desire, sensuality, avarice, carnality

The lust he felt for her seemed to take over his entire thought process.