migrate v.移居

同journey, travel

In the 1800's many Americans migrated west to find land for farming. 19世纪时,许多美国人往西迁徙找寻耕地。

munificent adj.慷慨的

同generous, bounteous, liberal, beneficent, bountiful

The old man's munificent donation to the hospital was highly appreciated.老人对医院慷慨的捐赠赢得了高度赞扬。

negative adj.否定的

同refusing, denying, dissenting

Carol's negative response meant that she did not want to go camping with them.


obscure adj.微暗的

同faint, shadowy, gloomy, veiled, blurred

At sunset, we saw an obscure figure of a person entering the building.傍晚时分,我们看到一个朦胧的身影进入了大楼。

outcry n.叫喊

同clamor, tumult, shout, exclamation

There was an outcry against the banning of the book.


panorama n.全景

同scene, vista, sight, view

From the top of this building you can see a wonderful panorama of New York City.


persistent adj.持续性的

同lasting, immovable, immutable, insistent, persevering

She was persistent in her search for her lost puppy.


poll n.投票

同election, ballot

A poll of city residents showed that over half of them approved of building a new park.


Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

1. A newspaper questionnaire _____ readers' opinion on the proposed nuclear plant.

2. During our camping trip we were constantly _____ by swarms of mosquitoes.

3. The fishermen?s boats approached the docks, heavy with the day's _____ catch.

4. The town down in the valley appeared _____ in the dim light of the moon.

5. Our class conducted a _____ to measure students' approval of the president.

解答?1. gauged 2. harassed 3. munificent 4. obscure 5. poll