foliage n.树叶

同leaves, leafage

In fall, I like to visit the mountains because the foliage there changes into such vivid colors.


gauge v.测量

同measure, estimate, evaluate, rate, assess

Our boss gauges how productive our department is through the sales of computers every month.


harass v.侵扰

同trouble, disturb, annoy, plague, pester, vex

The manager harassed the new salesperson until he quit.


imbibe v.收入

同drink, absorb, suck, swallow, receive

Ellis invited me to imbibe some of his expensive wine after dinner.晚餐后,埃利斯邀我品尝一些他的高级葡萄酒。

indemnify v.赔偿

同secure, save, compensate, reimburse, remunerate

The government promised to indemnify the victims of the restaurant fire.政府允诺赔偿餐厅火灾的受害者。

insert v.插入

同inset, inject, stuff in

The doctor inserted a small tube into the patient's stomach to feed him.医生将小管插入病人的胃中来给他喂食。

judicious adj.明智的

同sensible, sage, sagacious, wise

Laura is very judicious as she saves her money in the bank.


lateral adj.侧面的

同side, flanking, sideward

The lateral sides of the house were made with bricks, while the front and back were wooden.



同1.defame, libel, disparage 2.harmful, malignant, vicious

His malign actions were finally punished by the judge.