malleable adj.顺从的

同flexible, moldable, tractable, impressionable

When children are young, their minds are very malleable.


millennium n.一千年

同one thousand years

In the year 3000, we will reach the beginning of a new millennium.


murmur v.喃喃低语

同mumble, mutter, grumble

Carl murmured something that none of us heard clearly.


negligible adj.不足取的;无关紧要的

同unimportant, insignificant, trifling, petty

The wind was so light that it had only a negligible effect on the outside temperature.


obsess v.迷惑;着魔

同haunt, besiege, beset

Professor Thompson has been obsessed with the history of ancient Egypt for more than twenty years.


outing n.远足

同excursion, expedition, pleasure trip

Our class went on an outing to the countryside where we had a picnic lunch.我们班到乡下去远足野餐。

paradoxical adj.矛盾的


Sam had a very paradoxical personality; he was very shy, but often outgoing, too.


perspective n.观点

同attitude, way of looking, proportion

What is your perspective on the problems in today’s schools, Harriet?哈丽特,你对当今校园问题的看法如何?

Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

1. The teacher’s _____ criticism made the little boy cry.

2. My parrot can _____ Michael Jackson singing“Bad”.

3. He was a weak, _____ man with no will of his own.

4. Dr. Kimble became _____ with finding the one-armed man who had killed his wife.

5. This book tells a story from the _____ of a ten-year-old child.

解答?1. harsh 2. imitate 3. malleable 4. obsessed 5. perspective