Fatherhood is going to have a different meaning and bring forth a
different response from every man who hears these words. Some feel
pride when they receive the news, while others worry, wonder whether ___1___
they will be good fathers. Although there are some men who like
children and may have had considerable experience with them, but ___2___
others do not particularly care for children and spend little time with
them. Many fathers and mothers have being planning and looking ___3___
forward to children for some time. For other couples, pregnancy
was an accident what both husband and wife have accepted willingly ___4___
or unwillingly.
What the reaction to the birth of a child, it is obvious that the ___5___
shift from the role of husband to that of father is a different task. Yet,
unfortunate, few attempts have been made to educate fathers in this ___6___
resocialization process. Although numerous books have been written
on American mothers, only recently have literature focused on the role ___7___
of a father.
It is argued by some writers that the transition to the father’s role,
although difficult, is not nearly as great as the transition the wife
must make for the mother’s role. The mother’s role seems to require a ___8___
complete tranformation in daily routine and highly innovative(创新的)
adaption, on the other hand, the father’s role is less demanding
and in immediate. However, even as we mentione the fact that growing ___9___
numbers of women are working outside the home, the father is still
thought by many the breadwinner in the household. ___10___


1. wonder -> wondering
while 此处表转折,others worry与Some feel pride相对,表示不同的两种态度;逗号后的wonder…good fathers是对worry的具体阐述,为修饰部分,二者是从属关系。现在分词可以作状语,表示伴随情况、陪衬动作、附加说明以及表示时间、原因、条件等。故将wonder改为wondering。

2. but -> /

3. being -> been

4. what -> which / that
此处what引导的从句中缺宾语,what引导从句时相当于the thing which/ that,在此,the thing是accident,因此确定what用错了。定语从句中,先行词为物时,从句由which或that来引导。

5. What -> Whatever

6. unfortunate -> unfortunately

7. have -> has

8. for -> to
transition to为固定搭配,意为“向…转变”。

9. as -> though
由however和even可推断,该句含有转折意味,而as只表示原因、时间、和伴随,且很少与even搭配。even though为固定搭配,意为“虽然,尽管”,可以引导让步状语从句,表示转折。

10. the 前加as
breadwinner意为“挣钱养家的人”;be thought as为固定用法,意为“被看作是…”。