The new media in the United States consists of radio, television and
newspaper. Together they influenced the lives of many Americans. Most ___1___
Americans begin their day with reading the newspaper or watching a ___2___
morning news program. Throughout the day the news is broadcasting ___3___
repeatedly on the radio and television. In the evening news is a prime
virtue on television with up to two hours of news in the early evening ___4___
and more news later at night. For those who pefer reading , the evening ___5___
newspapers provide them the possibility of reading the news. ___6___
The news media must interest the public , and it is a big business.
Therefore, it is very competetive since stations or papers compete with ___7___
each other for listeners and readers. Each tries to present the latest news
that Americans want to know. When it comes to an item such that an ___8___
election , all the news media will report the same. As a result listeners,
viewers or readers may find it hard to choose and complaining. ___9___
Nevertheless, most Americans will not criticize their news media too hard,
its credibility is generally acknowledged and accepted by the American ___10___


1. influenced -> influence

2. with -> by
begin…by doing sth意为“以…方式开始”。

3. broadcasting -> broadcast / broadcasted

4. virtue -> feature

5. later -> late
late at night意为“在深夜”。

6. them后加with
此处是固定搭配provide sb with sth,意为“给某人提供..”,还有另一种同义表达就是provide sth for sb。

7. Therefore -> However

8. that -> as
such as 后接名词或名词短语(作列举),such that后须接从句。

9. complaining -> complain

10. its -> whose
由于逗号后没有并列连词,所以断定逗号前后两句不是并列关系,只能是主从关系,所以将形容词性物主代词改为关系代词。此处whose引导非限制性定语从句修饰逗号前的news media。