1.You have to practice speak English as much as possible ____1____

  now since you are going to England next year.

  2.Consider the great need for improving many aspects of the ___2___

  global environment, one is surely justified in his concern

  for the money and resources

  3.At the beginning of 19th century working hours were from

  sunrise to sunset, pay was awful, and working conditions being ____3___

  poor and dangerous.

  4.Today, the Mona Lisa looks rather somber, in dull shapes of

  brown and yellow. This is due to a layer of varnish cover the ____4____

  paint, which has yellowed over the years

  5.We should avoid from those shallow people who are easily ____5_____

  changed by adversities misfortune.

  6.Taking together, these factors enabled the working class to exist ___6___

  but allowed them no sense of security.

  7.Between 1890 and 1920, for example, some 250,000

  new residential lots were recorded within the borders

  of Chicago, most of them locating in outlying areas. ___7____

  8.Charles Deschanel stressed that the French economy

  needed a larger share of the international market to

  balance between its import and export trade. ____8____

  9. Deciding how much discomfort and risk we are prepared to

  put up with in the name of better health is a highly personal

  matter, not a decision we should remain to doctors alone. ___9____

  10. Television, it is often said, keeps one informing about current ___10___

  events and the latest developments in science and politics.