(1)Science should not only be“fun”in the same way as playing a video game, but “hard fun”——a deep feeling of connection made possibly only by imaginative engagement.(07年1月老六级改错第10题)我们都知道make sth possible, possible做为宾语补足语,那用被动语态就是sth be made possible,所以这里的possibly应该改成possible.

  (2)Mass literacy is a relative new social goal.(06年6月六级改错第九题)显然这里表示“相对地”意思,因此要将relative改成它的副词形式relatively.注意:relative改成relatively不是第一次出现了,在04年1月的改错题中也出现过。

  (3)A good CV is your passport to an interview and,ultimate, to the job you want.(06年1月六级改错第二题) ultimate在两个逗号之间,肯定得用副词形式ultimately.

  (4)She says efforts are continuing to complete end the disease.(05年1月六级改错第三题)complete要改成副词形式completely修饰动词end.

  (5)The WHO has given multi-drug therapy to patients freely for the last five years.(05年1月六级改错第九题)可以看出这里freely想表示“免费的”意思,所以应该改成形容词形式free.

  (5)Culture is essentially to our humanness.(04年6月六级改错第8题)be essential to是一个固定搭配,表示“对……很重要”,所以essentially应该换成形容词essential.

  (6)Except for relative-isolated trouble spots like pres-ent-day Somalia…(04年1月第三题)显然应该用副词relatively来修饰动词过去分词isolated,表示“相对隔绝的”。



  (1)Now what started in schools across the country is playing itself out on a nation stage and is possibly having an impact on the reading habits of the Ameri-can public.(07年1月新六级第十题)“在国内舞台”应该是on a national stage,在这里名词nation要改成它的形容词形式national.

  (2)Understanding the original of the negative attit- udes towards science may help us to modify them.