After months of speculation about what would   do with its mysterious search-engine company, A9, Web  
surfers finally got their first taste on Apr. 14.   Yet despite of some intriguing new features not yet found 1. ____  on leading sites such as Google and Yahoo! , the site   ( -- still in test mode -- rises as many questions 2 ____  as it answers.   The biggest question remains is whether Amazon, 3. ____  through A9, would clash into Google more directly. 4. ____  Google itself is testing a search engine for products   called Froogle that’s starting to appeal Web shoppers. 5. ___  At the same time, Amazon clearly isn’t looking to limit A9’s horizons.   How directly A9 eventually goes up against the reigned 6. ____  search champion, it faced lots of challenges. For one, 7. ____  it may run into some of the same privacy issues that  recently have plagued Google. A9’s privacy policy points   out that information provided through entering search term 8. ____  or by signing into one’s Amazon account could supply the company   with information that could personally identify the searcher.   Those may be somewhat less intrusive(打扰的,冒犯的) than 9. ____  Google’s upcoming Gmail free e-mail offering, which could search  the contents of messages to pitch personalized ads. But comments   posted on some sites already indicate some people are  uncomfortable with Google’s potential threats to privacy. 10.____