empirical a.以经验(或观察)为 依据的,经验主义的, 经验的
Many empirical results supported the hypothesis. ;很多经验性结论都可证 明假设成立.

expedition n.(为特定目的组织的) 旅行,出行,远征;远征队 探险队,考察队,迅速
The Eight-Power Allied Expedition captured Beijing ;八国联军攻占了北京,
and set fire on the Imperial Garden Yuanmingyuan. ;把圆明园付之一炬.

flap n.片状垂悬物(信封的口 盖,衣服的袋盖等);飘动 摆动(翅的)振动;激动,
The bird flapped its wings and flew away. ;鸟振翅飞去.
The sails were flapping gently in the wind. ;船帆随风摆去.
Everything was going on smoothly;there was no flap. ;一切都很顺利,没有慌 乱现象.

hamper v.妨碍,束缚,限制
Many modernists think that rhyme and metre hamper the poet's free expression. ;很多现代派诗人认为韵 律妨碍了诗人的自由发 挥.

hypothesis n.假设,假说,前提
This is only a sort of scientific hypothesis which has not been proved by experiments. ;这仅仅是一个尚未被实验 证明的科学假说.

indefinite a.无限期的;不确定的, 含糊的
He gave me an indefinite answer. ;他含糊其词地回答了我.

installment n.分期付款,分期交付; (分期连载)的部分
Many white-collar workers buy houses in installments. ;许多白领人士用分期付款 的方式买房子.

intuition n.直觉
Intuition is the act or faculty of knowing or sensing ;直觉即是能知道或感觉的 行为或能力
without the use of rational processes. ;未经理性的论证过程