allege vt.断言,宣称,硬说
Students occasionally allege illness as the reason for absence. ;学生时不时会称病缺课.
ascribe ;vt.(~to)把…归因于, 把…归属于
After Brazilian's being defeated by the Bolivian, ;巴西足球队被玻利维亚队 击败后,
the helpless chief coach of the Brazilian Football Team ;无奈的巴西队主教练
ascribed their failure to bad luck. ;将失败归结于运气不佳.

cling vi.(~to)紧紧抓住 (或抱住)黏住,挨近; 依附,依恋;坚持,墨守, 忠实于
The pretty model wore a silk dress ;漂亮的模特儿穿着一身紧 身绸缎装,
that clung to her figure and walked gracefully on the stage. ;仪态万方地出现在舞 台上.
The old gerneration tend to cling to their traditional values. ;老一辈人往往恪守着他们 传统的价值观.

complement vt.补充,与…相配 n.补充,互为补充的东西; 编制的名额,装备定额
Love is the complement of the law. ;爱的精神是法律的补 充物.
Roses in a silver bowl complement the handsome cherry table. ;银碗中玫瑰更为这张漂亮 的樱桃色桌子添彩.

conserve vt.保藏,保存;节约
We must conserve our forests if we are to make sure of a future supply of wood. ;为保证未来木材的供应, 我们必须保护森林.
We now have a global shortage of water, ;现在是全球化的缺水,
therefore we have to learn to conserve water. ;所以大家必须学会节约 用水.

cumulative a.累积的;渐增的
The cumulative effects of many illnesses made grandpa a weak man. ;多种疾病长期的折磨使祖 父虚弱不堪.

destiny n.命运;定数,天命
Do you believe marriage is the result of destiny? ;你认为婚姻是命中注定 的吗?
Destiny brought us together. ;命运把我们连在一起.

distort vt.歪曲,曲解; 扭曲,使变形 vi.变形
Metal distorts under stress. ;金属在压力作用下变形.
Stop distorting what I said. ;不要曲解我的话.