Jack and the Stalk
  The stalk had spontaneously sprouted up into the sky with the first water that was sprinkled on it. After the first spy sent to climb it returned back down with a stagger before falling down dead, however, the squadron of adventures was now more hesitant to climb. They were stallin but someone would have to climb it again. Only small Jack stepped forward. When his spouse squeaked her surprise Jack didn’t even turn. He just stammered that he would climb the stalk and report back to the squad as soon as he could. And so he left while the others turned on the spotlight to allow him to see his way back if he had to return in the evening.
  Jack climbed the lower part of the stalk like it was a staircase. As he got higher he jumped and climbed as if he were a squirrel. Once he almost missed a branch and had to swing his arms wildly before he could stabilize his body. Then he squatted down to rest. After he began to climb again everyone lost sight of him as he was too far away.
  Hours later Jack came flying down the stalk yelling for everyone to cut it down. When they saw the Giant coming after Jack from above, they obeyed and started stabbing and chopping the stalk. After Jack was on the ground they finished chopping and ran to the sides. They looked up to see the Giant lose the stability of the stalk and fall to the ground. When he landed, several adventurers barely missed being squashed. As they all stood looking in awe Jack pulled a strange goose and a golden harp out of his jacket.