Today American parent are finding themselves in a (36)___________ about how to deal with teenage drinking, a serious social problem. A recent survey has (37) ___________that 92% of high school (38)_____________have tried alcohol at least once and two-thirds take a drink once a month. Alcohol has resulted in a lot of teenage car crashes, as well as (39) ____________ and murders. Parents are wondering why they can’t keep their children from drinking. Now many are beginning to (40) ___________ that it is not the kids but the parents who should be held responsible for their (41) _________attitudes. Some parent find that (42)__________ attitudes and methods are impractical and ineffective. They try to teach their children to drink responsibly. Many patents believe that (43) ________ drinking is a safe solution.

(44) _______________________________________________________________. Therefore, hardliners are striving to form a united front to lay down common rules to be strictly enforced. And the most popular method in some communities is what they call “ safe homes”, where unsupervised parties with alcohol are forbidden. (45) __________________________________________, but experts and educators fear that such attitudes might invite outright rebellion from the children. (46)___________________________________________________________.


36. dilemma
37. revealed
38. senior
39. suicides
40. conclude
41. permissive
42. stern
43. supervised

44. However, an increasing number of parents fear that this will endanger their children’s safety

45. The hardliners think that in this way their children will learn self-control

46. Both sides agree that teenage drinking can be dealt with if no excessive drinking attitudes are established early, and supported by school authorities