1. [A] He already took a picture of the flowers.

  [B] He doesn't know how to use the camera.

  [C] He doesn't think the flowers are beautiful.

  [D] He does not have any more film left.

  2. [A] She didn't clean the dorm.

  [B] She thinks her dorm is messy.

  [C] She will help the man clean his dorm.

  [D] She cleaned the library.

  3. [A] It's time to urge him to study math.

  [B] He himself should made the decision.

  [C] They should help him study math.

  [D] They should leave right now.

  4. [A] Angry.

  [B] Hungry.

  [C] Tired.

  [D] Dissatisfied.

  5. [A] It does not concern John.

  [B] John does not care about his car.

  [C] John will help him fix the car.

  [D] He wants John to fix the car.

  6. [A] The man hasn't caused a problem.

  [B] The man should have returned the book earlier.

  [C] She won't do well on the coming test.

  [D] The man should have been more thoughtful.

  7. [A] She doesn't want to see Mark at all.

  [B] At last, Mark wants to see her.

  [C] She hopes to see Mark after everyone else does.

  [D] Mark was the last person to see her.

  8. [A] He does not know who ALice is.

  [B] He has found a job as a messenger.

  [C] He does not want to deliver the note.

  [D] He does not like Alice.