to take part
at all
to look up
to wait on (upon)
at least
so far take part : (participate)
【说明:】to take part(参加,参与)指参加宴会,会议,聚会等而言,后面一定要用in。如果用with,则作袒护支持解,如He took part with me. (他加入我这一边支持我。)
(1) Henry was sick and could not take part in the meeting last night.
(2)I did not want to take part in their argument.
我不要参加他们的辩论。 all : (in any degree, in the least-generally used only in a negative sense)
【说明:】at all(丝毫,极少)为副词片语,多用于否定句以加强语气。也可以用在疑问句中作究竟解,如Do you know at all?(你究竟知不知道?)用在if的后面作既然解,如If you do it at all, do it well. (既做,就好好地做。)
(1) He said that he did not have any money at all.
(2)When I asked her whether she was tired, she said, “ Not all at!”
当我问她是否疲倦时,她说,“一点也不!” look up : (to search for-especially in a dictionary or catalogue where one must turn over pages)
【说明:】to look up(查出,查找)尤指从字典或目录中翻查所要找的单字或号码条文等。To look up作为不及物动词用时,其意义为抬头或仰望,如She looked up from her writing(她不写字了,抬起头来仰望着。)
(1) Every student should look up all new words in his dictionary each day.
(2)Ellen said that she did not know Robert’s number but that she would look it up in the telephone book.
艾伦说她不知道罗勃的电话号码,但是她呆以从电话簿上查出来。 wait on (upon) : (to serve, attend to – in a store or shop)
【说明:】to wait on(侍候,招待)指在商店中店员招待顾客,或指在家中仆人侍候主人,在饭店中堂倌侍候客人而言。On可以改用upon.
(1) A very pleasant young woman waited on me in Macy’s yesterday.
(2)The clerk asked, “Have you been waited on yet, Sir?”
店员问,“先生,有人侍候过你吗?” least : (in the minimum)
【说明:】at least(至少)也可以用at the least,为副词片语。
(1) Every student should spend at least two hours on his homework every night.
(2)Helen has been sick in bed for at least two months.
海伦至少已经卧病两个月了。 far : (up to the present time)
【说明:】so far(到现在为止,到目前为止)作副词用,与up to now的意思相同。动词应用现在完成式。
(1) So far John has been the best student in our English class.
(2)How many idioms have we studied in this book so far?