Word came from California of a new weapon in the war on household pests.Two scientists work for a firm in California developed 1.__________ 

a new method to eliminate insects with using dangerous chemicals.The new 2.__________ 

weapon—hot air.The basic idea is that insect pests can adjust to temperature much above 3.__________ 

normal. In laboratory experiments,cockroaches and termites can’t survive much more than a quarter of hour at 100 degrees 4.__________ 

Fahrenheit or about fifty degrees centigrade. The new method involves covering a house with a huge tent,and fill it with air heated to 5.__________ 

around 65 degrees centigrade.Hot air is forced in with fans and the tent keeps the heat inside the house.Although termites try to escape by 6.__________

hiding in wood beams,the heat treatment must be continued by four to six hours.But when it's 7.__________

all over and the insects are dead, there are no toxic residues to danger humans or pets,and no 8.__________

funny smells.Scientists claim that there's no danger of fire too. 9.__________