Expressing Yourself in English is an inter- esting new textbook with some variations from the traditional in its approach.They would 1.__________

seem appropriate for self-study,especially when used in conjunction with the cassette,but is primarily intended of classroom use.Indeed, 2.__________

the text itself contains notes to the teachers rather than that appearing in a separate teacher’s guide. 3.__________

Each unit contains three readings,all of which,except for those appearing in the ninth and the final unit,are illustrated.The teacher's notes indicate the teacher should refrain of 4.__________

answering students' questions about these readings until each student has worked through all the reading comprehension exercises without help. Among the book's distinctive features is the fact that contains a more extensive list of 5.__________

references than any other writing for this level, 6.__________

which exercises are provided and allow students to be creative with the English they learn. Again,like most comparable texts,Expressing 7.__________

Yourself in English does not formally introduce the verb until Unit 3.One hint for teachers and students likely is that students 8.__________

should not expect to be successful with the examinations offered in the body of the text if 9.__________