There are great many reasons for studying what philosophers 1.________
have said in the past. One is that we cannot separate the
history of philosophy from which of science. Philosophy is 2.________
large discussion about matters on which few people are quite 3.________
certain, and those few hold opposite opinions. As knowledge
increases, philosophy buds off the sciences. ?

For an example, in the ancient world and the Middle Ages 4.________
philosophers discussed motion. Aristotle and St. Thomas
Aquinas taught that a moving body would slow down until a force 5.________
were constantly applied to it. They were wrong. It goes on moving
unless something slows it down. But they had good arguments on
their side, and if we study these, and the experiments
which proved them right this will help us to distinguish truth 6.________
from false in the scientific controversies of today. ?7.________