Aphrodite loved Adonis more than she did to heaven, for 1.________
He was a brisk, lovely young hunter. She abandoned her residence
at Olympus and took to the woods, where she dressed
herself up like a huntress and kept the youth companion all day 2.________
long. With him she roved through bushy grounds and groves and
over hills and dales, cheering hounds and pursuing game of a
harmless sort. They had a great time together. However, she
warned him many times to chase wild beasts like lions and 3.________
wolves, but the young man just laughed at the idea.

One day, after warning him thus, she left to Olympus in 4.________
her chariot. Quite by chance Adonis' hounds found a boar, that 5.________
roused Adonis to enthusiasm. He hit the beast with a dart, and 6.________
the boar, turning on him ,buried its white tusk deep into his
tender side and trampled him to death. ?

When Aphrodite came back to find her lover cold in death,
she burst into a passion of tears. Unable to wrest him back from
the low world, she sprinkled nectar on Adonis' blood and 7.________
turned it into anemone, a delicate purple flower.?