The white House began to be built in 1792, but it was not
completed until ten years later. Every American president lived
in it except for George Washington, although he did have a 1.________
majority part in designing it.? 2.________

The government held a competition to choose the best
design for the president's house. The winner was a young man of 3.________
South Carolina, James Hoban. His design was a three-level
house of stone. And President Washington made some changes
in the winning design. He made the house long and wider, and 4.________
changed it into a two-storied house instead of three. ?

The second president, John Adams, was first to live in the 5.________
White House. When he and his wife moved onto the new house 6.________
in November, 1800, work was still going on, although the main
live area was completed. The whole work did not finish until the 7.________
administration of the 3rd president, Thomas Jefferson.