The first man known to use a signal other than a
bonfire used a chandelier. He was lord of a castle that
stood near a rocky seacoast. He hang the chandelier, 1.__________
containing many large tallow candles, in the highest
tower of his castle. Thus he warned passing ship from 2.__________
the danger along the coast.

Candles soon became the common fuel for signal
lights. They were later replaced by oil lamps, that 3.__________
could burn larger and brighter. Kerosene and gas lamps 4.__________
also tried. These are still in use now in some smaller
lighthouses. But today most lighthouses sent electric 5.__________
light blazing out over the sea.

The ancient fire signals only say "Danger! Keep off!".
But the modern lighthous also identifies it in a code 6.__________
known to all shipping. Most of the great lights have
their own special signals. The light may be one that
blinks--as a giant firefly in the night. Or it may be 7.__________
a revolved light that is red then green. Or it may be 8.__________
only white. But however the signal, it is sent very 9.__________
regularly. A ship within its ranges is never at a loss to
know which lighthouse it is, and where it is being 10.__________