Crime has its own cycles, a magazine reported
some years before. Police records that were studied 1.__________
for five years from over 2400 cities and towns show
a surprised link between changes in the season and 2.__________
crime patterns.

The pattern of crime has varied very little
over a long period of years. Murder reaches its high
during July and August, as does rape and other violent 3.__________
attacks.Murder, however, is more than seasonal: it is a 4.__________
weekend crime. It is also a hightime crime: 62 percent
of members are committed between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Unlike the summer high in crimes of bodily harm,
burglary has a different cycle. You are most likely
to being robbed between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. on a Saturday 5.__________
night in December, January,or February. The most
uncriminal month of all? May--except for one strange
statistic. More dog bites are reported in this month
than in an other month of the year. 6.__________

Apparent our intellectual seasonal cycles are 7.__________
completely different from our criminal tendencies.
professor Huntington, of the Foundation for the Study
of Cycles, made extensive studies to discover the
seasons when people read serious books, attend scientific
meetings, make the highest scores on examinations,
and to propose the most changes to patents. In all 8.__________
instances, he found a spring peak and an autumn peak
separated by a summer low. On other hand, Professor 9.__________
huntinton's studies indicated that June is the peak
month for suicides and admissions in mental hospitals. 10.__________
June is also a peak month for marriages!


1. before → ago
2. surprised → surprising
3. does → do
4. however → moreover
5. being → be
6. an → any
7. apparent → apparently
8. to(1) → /
9. On ∧ other → the
10. in → to