Americans this year will swallow 15000 tons of
aspirin, one of safest and most effective drugs 1.__________
invented by man. The most popular medicines in the 2.__________
world today, it is an effective pain reliever. Its bad
effects are relatively mild, and it is cheap.

For millions of people suffered from arthrities, 3.__________
it is the only thing that works. Aspirin, in short, is
truly the 20th-century wonder drug. It is also the
second largest suicide drug and is the leading cause of
poisoning among children. it has side effects that, if 4.__________
relatively mild, are largely unrecognized between users. 5.__________

Although aspirin was first sold by Germam company
in 1899, it has been around much longer than that.
Hippocrates, in ancient Greece, understood the medical value
of the leaves and tree bark which today is known to 6.__________
contain salicylates, the chemical in aspirin. during the
19th century, there was a great number of experimentation 7.__________
in Europe with this chemical, and it led in the introduction 8.__________
of aspirin. By 1915, aspirin tablets were available
in the United States.

A small quantity of aspirin(two five-grain tablets)
relieves pain and inflammation. It also reduces down 9.__________
fever by interfering with some of the body's reactions.
Specifically, aspirin seems to slow down the formation
of the acids involved in pain and the complex chemical
reactions that cause fever. The chemistry of these acids
is not fully understood, and the slowing effect of aspirin 10.__________
is well known.


1. of ∧ safest → the
2. medicines → medicine(or: drug)
3. suffered → suffering
4. if → though(or: although)
5. between → among
6. is → are
7. number → deal(or: amount,quantity)
8. in → to
9. down → /
10. and → but